Your Guide To CMW’s Tech Innovation Summit

CMW Tech Innovation Summit

CMW Tech Innovation Summit With the Canadian Music Week (CMW) just around the corner, you must have already made up your mind on the conferences you want to attend and the stars you’d like to see. Just a short brief for those who don’t know a lot about the CMW – it is Canada’s highly renowned music industry conference. It is one of the premier events in North America that focuses on the business of music. Taking place at the CMW’s host hotel, Sheraton Centre Toronto, this year the CMW…

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How To Create A Compelling USP For Houseful Events

Whether you’re planning a big conference spread over a week or a small gala dinner at a fancy restaurant, yours is not the only event of its kind. With rising number of events happening every day, it is very easy for attendees to find new, interesting events. This has also made it extremely difficult for planners to garner attendees’ loyalty. So when a potential registrant lands on your event registration page, what exactly do you need to do? How will you ensure that your event cuts through the clutter and…

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Is It Time For Artificial Intelligence In The Events Industry?

Event management

We all understand the importance of events – they are mainly about people, networking and socializing as well as presenting ideas and messages to a large audience. The events industry has completely changed over the last decade due to the penetration of technology. The event tech landscape has enormously evolved and what used to appear impossible few years back has become a living reality. From wearables, radio frequency identification tags, to mobile apps and other event management software, the event industry has benefited tremendously from tech advancements. Mobile apps, an…

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Are Events a part of your Marketing Strategy?

  Many organizations these days host meetings and events as a part of their Marketing strategy. According to Regalix Research 92% of Marketers invest in Event Marketing 84 % of marketers identify reaching many prospects in a short amount of time as the key benefit of Event Marketing 80 % marketers identify lead gen as the main objective of their event programs 79% marketers believe physical events yield better ROI 64 % marketers expect that Event Marketing budgets will increase in the next  12 months            …

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Top 10 Event Management Tools – Must Read For Every Event Professional

Planning an event means having a bunch of items on a single plate. The checklists are endless and it becomes all the more easy to make mistakes at the last minute. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps (based on user reviews) that could prove useful to the #eventprofs for various reasons. 1. Eventbrite– One of the most highly rated software, allowing businesses to organize and sell tickets (online events)  proficiently. From creating and customizing event pages to letting your attendees pay online, this emerges as…

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