All Your Queries About Latest Event Management App Features

Event Management App

Some questions people never stop asking, after every event, is how and what could have gone into making the event even better. The scope of improvement is always there whether it be during the planning phase, the development phase or the execution phase. New technologies are being developed for businesses every day where it has also become an important means of heightening the sought experience of any event. Businesses, too, are keen on investing in technologies that could be useful for events’ project management. This section addresses questions about readily…

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Top 3 Websites To Trust For Event Management Software Reviews

event management software reviews

Ever heard the phrase “choice paralysis”? Also known as analysis paralysis, choice paralysis affects us in ways more than imaginable. From clothes, dating partners to TV subscriptions and the food we buy, we are constantly in the state of choice paralysis where we over-analyzing (or over-thinking) and look for reviews from third-parties. Contrary to popular belief, having too many choices create anxiety and often paralyzes the outcome. And this is also true in our professional lives. As an event planner you might be contemplating buying event management software technology, but…

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Why Should You Use an Event App?

6 Reasons to Use an Event App   Whether organizing a large or small event, the number of event management operations an event organizer has to deal with are virtually the same. Using an event management app just simplifies even the most daunting event tasks and gives a lot of space to improve the time & budget management. Better utilization of resources and analysis of traffic helps in optimizing event ROI in real-time. As everybody now owns a mobile phone, an event organizer can easily upsell his event ROI by…

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Eventdex – A Complete Suite of Event Apps Is Now Live!

Our new Eventdex platform as well as the Android and iOS mobile apps are now live. We are proud to announce that the Comcast Impact 2015 event is using our app to share the event schedule, seminars, and speaker information. The app also allows attendees to connect with each other and share their messages through a live twitter feed. We’re also excited to announce that registration for TEDx Navesink is now live. Purchase your tickets at The Eventdex platform includes cloud and mobile based registration, lead generation, check in,…

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