Questions To Ask About a Lead Retrieval App for Next Event

lead retrieval app

Photo Credits: TPG live events For many event organizers, exhibiting at trade shows is routine. Exhibitors can range from holding one event a year to being road warriors that hold forty shows in each fiscal. You need to make use of a lead retrieval app for trade shows to become an efficient exhibiter. Lead retrieval is gradually catching up across the world and helps organizers collect sales leads instantly. You don’t need to collect business cards from potential customers at an event anymore. Successful exhibitor lead management is all about using an event app…

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Why Should You Use an Event App?

6 Reasons to Use an Event App   Whether organizing a large or small event, the number of event management operations an event organizer has to deal with are virtually the same. Using an event management app just simplifies even the most daunting event tasks and gives a lot of space to improve the time & budget management. Better utilization of resources and analysis of traffic helps in optimizing event ROI in real-time. As everybody now owns a mobile phone, an event organizer can easily upsell his event ROI by…

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5 Ways Event Technology Can Help You Get Better ROI

event technology

It is a known fact that increasing event ROI is not easy. There are several simple and difficult methods to boost ROI, but at what cost? While cost-cutting and taking ownership of everything can be a difficult solution, there are simpler ways to optimize event ROI and make the most of your event budget. So, what do we mean by “simple” solutions? It might sound ironic, but event technology can help you get more event ROI in more than one way at a very little cost. It can help you…

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The Top 5 Methods Technology Has Changed About The Way We Look At Event Management

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in the way people are perceiving events which are no longer confined within a space or time frame. With the help of technology we have discovered new ways to ‘see’, connect, share updates, build prospect relationships, identify opportunities and even locate potential leads in a huge crowd. Event organizers don’t just make it about hosting an event anymore; they look for analytics and ROI as well. Speaking of the latest techno buzz, we recently came across an interesting article in a UK…

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Why Having A Badge Tool Is Compulsory For Every Event App & Every Event Planner

If you are purchasing an event management solution, easy check-in is probably one of your top priorities. Every event or conference ideally should come with its own customized badges which can be used for instant on-site attendee check in. This way the registration kiosks would be clutter free and uncongested. Using an up to date Scanning app and hassle free badge printing techniques could save you the worries of engaging too many staff for manual check in at the registration booth and the obvious chaos. So look for an application…

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