Why You Need Event Management Software

event management software

Event managers have been using different techniques to plan events long before computers were even created. We all know that event planning is not an easy job and it requires unique skills like flexibility, people and time management, etc. To help ease planners’ lives many onsite event management software providers have emerged in the last decade or so. They offer tailor-made event solutions that can alleviate the planning pains of organizers based on the complexity of the event. Event management software features help restore sanity in an event planner’s life.…

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How Business Matchmaking App is Transforming the Events Industry

business matchmaking app

Despite the rapid evolution of technology in the meetings and events industry, face to face meetings still constitutes a major portion of the marketing budget of most of the organizations. According to Laura Ramos at Forrester, in “A pattern that has been consistent since 2008”, in-person events comprises 14% of the total budget in 2015, making it the biggest chunk of B2B budgets. The study by Forrester clearly shows that face to face events delivers business values for the organization, the attendees, as well as sponsors and exhibitors. But the…

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Top 10 Event Management Tools – Must Read For Every Event Professional

Planning an event means having a bunch of items on a single plate. The checklists are endless and it becomes all the more easy to make mistakes at the last minute. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps (based on user reviews) that could prove useful to the #eventprofs for various reasons. 1. Eventbrite– One of the most highly rated software, allowing businesses to organize and sell tickets (online events)  proficiently. From creating and customizing event pages to letting your attendees pay online, this emerges as…

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How To Track Leads Using Lead Retrieval App?

Lead Retrieval App To Track Your Leads Evolutions and Revolutions are inevitable. You’ve just got to keep moving. Here, we are going to talk about how you could make your events place less complex and see more ROI by using mobile apps at event place. By far Eventdex is one of the best mobile based event management apps company that caters Lead Retrieval App, Business Matchmaking App, Event Registration System, and Attendee Checkin App.  We are Intuitive and dedicated to make event place fun. Now is the time to do…

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