Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Rule Event Industry in 2019

social media trends 2019

Social Media plays an important role in the event industry in several ways like driving traffic, increasing revenue and to generate curiosity in the audiences. A quantum of traffic to event registration and ticketing platforms arrives from social media channels. Events and social media, both are similar to one another in terms of objectives         To reach the audiences         Distribute or advertise their marketing content         Build a loyal fan-following around the product/ service/brand in the long run. With right social media strategy for event marketing, you can pull maximum registrations and…

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6 Things Even the Most Seasoned Event Planners Get Wrong

Event Planner

Events are a big deal for all organizations. With companies allocating a major chunk of their marketing budget for live events, events are a great way to increase brand awareness and fuel the sales pipeline. That said, organizing events is no cake walk; becoming an event manager takes a lot of time, practice, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Even the most seasoned event pros have made a lot of mistakes during their career. What differentiates them from the rest is that they don’t make the same mistake the…

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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Planning a trade show or other event can be stressful. The months of research and the expense involved make it critical that you attract the right number of attendees and exhibitors, and your event needs to be successful for everyone. Here are some ways you can use social media to promote your event and help to ensure its success. Top Social Tips Come up with a hashtag. Create a unique hashtag for your event and start using it as soon as you announce the date and location. All of your social media…

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Exploring The ‘Best ways’ To Promote Your Event Online

“The Stage Is Set, the Curtain Rises…” But raising the curtain is never enough. You know the amount of effort you’ve put in for your upcoming event, you’ve probably chosen the best venue, convinced some brilliant speakers and sponsors and arranged for some amazing catering. There is still one thing though which could make or break the whole ‘perfection’ quotient. You still have to sell tickets!!!   Thanks to online marketing a lot of hassle and of course your money could be saved if you knew the correct way to…

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How To Create A Wow! Impression On Attendees Of Your Event

  An event can be memorable for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, not all of those reasons are the right reasons. An attendee might remember an event because there was an embarrassing mishap or some other substantial problem that stands out in their mind. You don’t want your event remembered for these reasons. An event can also be so boring and routine that it is completely forgotten. You don’t want that either. What do you want? You want to have a positive “wow” factor on your attendees. This happens when…

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