Eventdex: An Onsite Event Management Software To Speed Up Registrations

Onsite Event Management Software

Event planning is stressful. While you juggle between minutest of details and last-minute glitches, it is often difficult to predict and ensure that you are on track. Fortunately, with the advent of event management technology, event planning has become more streamlined and effective as compared to what it was years ago.

Today, event planners are in a unique position to leverage this powerful technology and turn themselves from a hired hand to an event hero. Event technology, particularly onsite event management solution, is an important tool that allows event planners to drive business innovation while engaging attendees. The right event technology like Eventdex is effective to speed up registrations and help you assess your planning progress in a completely transformative way.

One of the must-have features of onsite event management software technology for every planner is event registration software. As an event planner, you probably realize that making the registration and ticketing process as easy and painless as possible has become more important than ever. With the right onsite event management app, you can have attendees register to your event at their convenience.

It creates an everlasting first impression of your event on attendees and increases attendance at your events. After all, you obviously do not want your attendees to navigate a difficult registration page or bounce off due to confusing registration process even when they eagerly want to register.

As we talk more about the right event registration technology, it is also crucial to discuss how to choose the right onsite event management software and its features. This article will help you with all the relevant information so you know what you are investing in and also pitch it to your stakeholders.

Whether you plan to invest in an event registration on behalf of your organization, association, or clients, there are various factors you should consider when selecting an event registration app. While there are so many event registration apps in the market, having a powerful and reliable provider like Eventdex enables you to create better events without any technical know-how of HTML or any computer programming languages. You can create customizable event registrations depending upon the event.

Eventdex’s custom registration form allows exhibitors to submit documents and images during registering. Organizers can also choose the layout and content of the registration form and align it with their brand’s guidelines. You can also take advantage of the workflow and design to accurately monitor event planning activities and access them whenever needed.

Eventdex also has the key onsite event management software feature. It allows event organizers to create events within minutes as well as collect data and registration fees online through an automated payment process. It is PCI compliant and ensures valuable client data is not compromised. In an age when government and regulatory authorities are imposing strict data laws like the General Data Protection Regulation, you need to ensure that your service provider is compliant to such laws and regulations.

With all the key onsite event management software features available in Eventdex, you can automate almost all the manual pre-event processes and create paid, free and donation tickets. Eventdex offers a suite of on-site event management software solutions that ensure you can handle the entire event lifecycle from a single app. Just like our event registration software, our check-in and badge printing solutions ensure that you check in attendees smoothly and print badges on-site.

This not only eliminates the hassle of arranging pre-printing badges, it also reduces manual errors that creep in when typing attendees’ names. With onsite badge printing, print badges only for people who show up at your event and save paper cost. All in all, our user-friendly and simple event registration platform provides you with a smooth and automated event registration system.

Benefits of Event Registration App


Boost registrations or ticket sales

Eventdex allows users to boost event registrations or ticket sales with robust marketing tools. You can send personalized messages to your attendees and follow up with those who haven’t registered.

Integrate with social media

Eventdex is integrated with social media to help you market your events and engage your potential guests even before the event begins. It allows you to create a buzz around your event and make sure your attendees are engaged throughout the event.

Saves time

With Eventdex, you can save a ton of time by automating the entire registration process. Our app supports all major payment gateways so that you can collect payment online. It also saves you the hassle of sending invites through direct mail or any other manual way.

On-site check-in and badge printing

Our onsite event management software allows you to quickly check registrants into the event and reduce long queues at the registration desk. To speed up the check-in process, print badges live at your registration kiosks and give your attendees a seamless onsite registration experience.

Create beautiful event registration

Eventdex onsite event management software allows you to create branded registration pages to boost attendance. While most of your attendees would register for your event on your swanky event registration page, our registration software also allows you to register walk-ins, collect the registration fee and check such attendees in.

Data collection

Eventdex allows you to collect critical event data real-time. With crucial attendee data in one place, you can have powerful metrics to create important reports and manage every aspect of your event. You can enter the data or export it into leading CRMs, including Salesforce.com. This event data can then be used to create even more engaging events, analyse what is working and what isn’t and prove your ROI.

Final thoughts

There is no “best” or “one size fits all” onsite event management software. The best platform varies from planner to planner and totally depends on your needs. A good event registration software should help you achieve your goals and get higher ROI. It should provide you with the flexibility to register guests while helping you increase registrations and manage them. To know more about Eventdex event registration software, schedule a demo now!

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