Seeing is believing part 4: what’s the traffic of your booth?

what is the traffic of your booth

According to a report published by Statisa, the average number of hours spent by visitors at a trade show booth has decreased from 8.9 hours in 2001 to 8.3 hours in 2011. And this number is constantly decreasing. What this means is that a visitor at your booth is most likely to spend only two minutes to see your products and know your brand. The math is simple, the number of hours or minutes divided by the total booths at the trade show. The two-minute window is your only opportunity…

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Things To Consider When Choosing Lead Retrieval Solutions

lead retrieval systems

As lead retrieval solutions continue to evolve, it can become overwhelming to choose the right one for your trade shows. Lead retrieval solutions still continue to be the most reliable way to capture and track leads. With the help of a lead retrieval scanner or badge reader, exhibitors can easily capture and retain registrant’s information to follow up on them once the show is over. Lead retrieval scanners and badge printers are generally provided by a show management approved contractor. However, their rental price can leave a hole in your pocket as…

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How To Track Leads Using Lead Retrieval App?

Lead Retrieval App To Track Your Leads Evolutions and Revolutions are inevitable. You’ve just got to keep moving. Here, we are going to talk about how you could make your events place less complex and see more ROI by using mobile apps at event place. By far Eventdex is one of the best mobile based event management apps company that caters Lead Retrieval App, Business Matchmaking App, Event Registration System, and Attendee Checkin App.  We are Intuitive and dedicated to make event place fun. Now is the time to do…

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