How To Track Your Leads Before, During And After Trade Shows

lead retrieval app

Lead Retrieval App  To Track Your Leads

Evolutions and Revolutions are inevitable. You’ve just got to keep moving. Here, we are going to talk about how you could make your events place less complex and see more ROI by using mobile apps at event place.

By far Eventdex is one of the best mobile based event management apps company that caters Lead Retrieval App, Matchmaking App, Registration Services and Attendee Checkin App.  We are Intuitive, and  dedicated to make event place fun.

Now is the time to do more with your mobile phones( lead retrieval app) at tradeshows/events/conferences.

After the event or tradeshow, It was all about juggling as the information and leads you collected are scattered across everywhere (hard copies, business cards or stuff that you won’t find useful later). There used to be a lot of additional yet complicated work needed to be done to make it organized.You can collect all the information by using lead retrieval app here.

But Eventdex has simplified events by letting event professionals get organized by linking events with our mobile apps. With this practice not only things get organized, but a lot of information will get synchronized automatically. We enable people to get connected with their prospects in the first place at EVENTS & TRADESHOWS. You’ll have full access to what had happened at the event, tradeshow and conferences. Eventdex mobile based lead retrieval app helps you in tracking the leads( lead retrieval app ), setting-up follow-up reminders, taking down notes, social integration, salesforce integration, Prioritization of leads, Surveys, etc..

It is collaborated with online cloud portal so that you can have all your information anytime you want, with this cloud portal you are just a click away to get access to all leads scanned at the event and with just a simple click you’d be able to download every lead.

This lead retrieval app Boothleads helps you with a crystal clear picture of the event by helping you with Event Dashboards, Comprehensive Reports, CSV downloads at one click and an Integration with

For Lead Retrieval App, Use Boothleads(a product by Eventdex) and lose no lead.


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