How To Purchase Multiple Tickets Using ‘Create Package’ Feature In Eventdexapps?

create package

In our last post, we spoke about ‘creating tickets’ within the Event app and many of you found it real useful. Today, however, we get in to explore a different feature within Tickets known as ‘Package’

This tool explains how with the help of simple steps you can buy multiple tickets at one go using the Package feature.

As part of this functionality, you can give the package a name, for example -Exhibitor package . Next, give the price, quantity and include the package items. Let’s say the package comes with 2 Admission tickets. All you need to do now is give package item quantity as 2 and enter the next package item, say Wi-Fi and so on.

That means that if a user buys this Exhibitor Package, he automatically gets to purchase 3 Tickets at one shot. This is an immensely useful feature especially if you have multiple utilities/lunch/ dinner to be offered to various category of users. Moreover, you can even apply Promo codes on the individual packages.

Please view the video for the detailed demo and for further questions please write to [email protected]

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