How To Create A Wow! Impression On Attendees Of Your Event



An event can be memorable for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, not all of those reasons are the right reasons. An attendee might remember an event because there was an embarrassing mishap or some other substantial problem that stands out in their mind. You don’t want your event remembered for these reasons. An event can also be so boring and routine that it is completely forgotten. You don’t want that either.

What do you want? You want to have a positive “wow” factor on your attendees. This happens when they have a great experience, when they have been catered to personally and when they have accomplished their reason for attending. That might sound like it takes a lot of effort for every attendee at an event, but it is well worth it. Apps and digital tools for event management make it a lot easier, as well.

As an event planner or manager, you probably spend a lot of time focusing on the potential problems that can occur at an event. People who attend your events will have their own pains as well that can prevent them from remembering your event fondly. To have a great event you must address their problems as well as your own.

Build Up Excitement For Your Event

Is your event just a party in the eyes of the attendees? If so, then it is an event that lacks a purpose. They might find it somewhat entertaining, but it’s not going to leave the “wow” factor that you want. Attendees need to know why they are attending an event. What is the purpose of the event? What is their purpose in being there? Most people attend events for education, for networking or for training. They want to gain something from the experience.

Chances are, as the event manager, you know exactly why you are hosting the event and what its purpose is. The trouble can be getting that point across to the attendees and letting them know what role they play or what they have to gain.

Getting this message across starts with proper communication long before the event begins. You should have several months to define a clear purpose before sending out invitations. The purpose of the event should be apparent from the first invitation. As attendees begin confirming their invitations you can start dialogues with them so that they understand their importance in attending the event.

Finally, use social media platforms to really get the point across. You should have a couple of months’ worth of regular posts solidifying the point of the event, the importance of the attendees, and how excited you are to see them there.

Mobile Apps Can Help Reduce Manpower Needed

Mobile apps for events have replaced the need for so much manpower when it comes to properly planning, organizing, and running an event. Business owners usually understand this so they allocate fewer funds to their events while expecting the same results. By using powerful software suites, you can still get the same results as if you had a full staff.

For starters, there are apps like EventDex for mobile devices that replace the need for paperwork, spreadsheets, and a variety of different documents. It condenses a great deal of the planning process into a single application. It can handle schedules, booking information, location information, QR codes, communications and even, social connectivity.

The social connectivity feature is particularly useful. You want your attendees to arrive excited, but that’s difficult if they haven’t viewed enough “buzz” about the event. Correspondence emails are great, but not always “buzzworthy” and they can become intrusive.

Social media has a greater impact because the content is more powerful and it’s often shared by peers. It will regularly remind them of the event and keep them excited up until the day it takes place, without the need to invade their personal emails. Seeing their peers share information about the event will make them more interested as well.

Boost Your Human Staff

Whether it is checking in at the registration desk or looking for answers at the information booth, you are never going to have happy attendees if they have to stand in line for a long period of time. You want to be able to streamline the process for your attendees, which could include online check in or even check in through one of the apps that you have engaged for your particular event.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, there are a lot of event planners on a large scale who will neglect to have the right number of humans on hand to greet attendees and make them feel right at home. During breaks in the schedule, if there is an attendee that is standing all alone, you can instruct your staff to approach them to strike up a conversation. This can be the perfect opportunity to find out if they are having a wonderful and informative experience as well as point them in the direction of anything that they need.

Keep Your Attendees Entertained

iBeacon technology for events is another great tool for improving the “wow” factor. It is an indoor positioning software created by Apple. Used in conjunction with certain apps, it can send messages to attendees when they are within proximity of certain people, whether it is greeters, managers, speakers, or booths.

For example, attendees can receive personalized messages when they are within ten meters of a particular booth, then another message when they are within a few feet, and then another once they are there. Follow this up with a greeting from someone. It is an entertaining and interactive technique for drawing attendees to certain areas without the need for people to lead them around.

iBeacon is a great way to solve this attendee problem. It can keep the attendees busy for the entirety of the event by continually guiding them one way or another. You can even use certain information you have gathered about attendees to lead them to areas where they are more likely to show interest.

Event Apps are clearly changing the way events are planned and managed. They make it easier to get attendees interested, to remind them why they are important and can help to keep them entertained while they are there.

When all is said and done, you are going to be happy that you went the extra mile to make sure that all of your attendees were well taken care of. The world of social media and all of the apps that are available today can integrate nicely with positive human interaction at all of your events. Creating a wow impression on your attendees will quickly become something that ends up being second nature to you and your team.


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