How to create a ‘Seminar’ using your Event app?

create seminars


The most obvious call for action once you have created your Ticket types and associated Packages (refer to our previous blog posts) in your Event Management tool is to set up details of the SEMINAR. An efficient event application should allow you to do this in very simple steps. Always remember to choose a solution that is so user friendly that even your grandma can use it!

Click on the Video below to see the step by step process of creating a seminar using an Event Planning tool such as Eventdex.

As you must have noticed in the video, in order to create a seminar you must pre-create the seminar ticket. Once you have a seminar ticket then only you can have a seminar. This makes sense because anybody who enters the system must buy a ticket in order to attend the seminar. All you are left to do is provide the start date, end date and details like the room where the seminar is taking place, the panelist and description. This is how you create a seminar.

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