How Event Planners Can Avoid Mistakes By Going Mobile?

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind while attending an event? Who’s the speaker? What’s the content? How’s the food? Who all are attending? Any chance of finding some good leads for your business? No matter what the reason is, it’s eventually an event manager/admin’s job to see that every individual (be an attendee or an exihibitor) is well attended to, that people are able to get what they have been expecting out of the event. In the midst of all the hustle bustle on the D-day, it’s absolutely essential to streamline the gamut of activities. Carry less paper, make sure you are talking/interacting with people more, instead of writing down notes or collecting business cards. Also make sure that all transactions (say registration related) are happening securely.
But most importantly, are you sure you are not missing out on prospect followup post the event? How can you lock your future opportunities all in one place and in real time, without any data loss, and not having to rely on your notebook to search where you scribbled what in a hurry.
That makes you ponder over a trillion things instantly, doesn’t it?

What today’s Event admins are doing to ease the process?

One simple way is to use a mobile application (preferably cloud based) that can give access to your data anytime anywhere and also desired to be compatible with iOS and Andrioid devices.
Choose an app that lets you easily scan attendee QR codes from their batches and store their information as prospects. Something that is so dynamic that you can use it to sync with your registration portal, capture online registrations using a secured payment gateway. Prefer an app that can be integrated with your CRM such as
All this already saves you a lot of paper work as well as Time which is a key factor when you are running an event or conference. That’s just about registration.

But what about tracking your leads post an event?

Let your app give you the flexibility to not just store your lead info on your mobile, but also allow you to ‘rate’ your leads (hot/cold/ etc), type in some quick notes about the lead, set a reminder-followup date for the next call/meeting and click on save. Next time when you go back to your app, you can see the lis of ALL your events created, all your Leads for every event, their individual call notes/emails etc so that you are always on top of your data. Wish to forward a particular lead to Sales? Do it with a click from your app.
And what’s a mobile app without social media? You should not only store company info/contact details of the prospects, but also record and save their social media accounts, so that you can reach out to them and connect on the social platforms as well.

In short, choose an app that makes sure you are NOT missing out on a single opportunity. An app that gives you real time reports and analytic to enable you to check the success of each and every event. Carry it as you walk up to the podium, or shake hands with your contacts or welcome your guests. You know at each step, you have something to rely on. When the entire day’s effort is done, leave the rest to your app. Go MOBILE today!

To take a look into an app that actually does all the above, please leave a comment with your contact info/ write to us at /call us @ (866)850-5872

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