How Diversity Will Destroy America (And Possibly The Universe)!!


America was built on the foundation that success is achieved by people willing to seek out opportunity and seize it.  Opportunity is something that should be earned and not simply granted by the government or a college based on the social settings of the country.

Programs designed to benefit particular groups limit our great country’s ability to grow and become successful on a global scale.  We as Americans should be pushing for better jobs, higher wages and lower taxes, not handicapping a fair jobs process in order to hand over employment to under qualified individuals.

If diversity is valued more than our country’s competitive nature, our nation will collapse

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The paragraph above without context is true.  Opportunity is something that is earned and should not be given.  It is something that everyone should work towards within their given field at all times.

But what if opportunity never comes?  What if you’re in a situation that does not expose you to opportunities despite your talents?  What is the responsibility of the nation? Corporations? Individuals?

How do we as a nation stay competitive if we’re not reaching out to qualified people who are not exposed to opportunities?  Why do we as a nation demonize programs designed to help expose people who live or grow up away from these opportunities?

We as a country want better jobs, but only within our community.  We as a nation want lower taxes, but only within our demographic.  We as a society want higher wages, but only within our industry.  Everyone wants a program to help identify and access opportunities, but everyone wants it for themselves, or their community.

But here is the incredible truth.  There are programs that help people access or learn about opportunities for EVERYONE.  In today’s society, opportunity is only a few key strokes away.  We as a nation need to stop blaming one or multiple demographics for our troubles when there are multiple avenues to success.

Unfortunately, however, Americans are stubborn.  Many Americans want to succeed THEIR way and refuse to accept another course of action.  They cannot pivot when necessary or decide on another route to achieve their goals.  Many Americans feel opportunities should be achieved based on how THEY were raised and how hard THEY work.

In the end, here is the simple truth.  Race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, and past financial situations do not determine future success, only YOU do.  The opportunity for YOU to succeed is out there, but it’s up to you to earn it.

But…if too many Americans focus on programs designed for others in mind instead of working to improve themselves….then yes….Diversity will destroy America….and possibly the Universe.

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I decided to write this as prepare to attend a conference in Phoenix focusing on connecting minority, women and small businesses with Major League Baseball.  I want to thank Eventdex, which helps companies connect at conferences, for asking me to write this piece concerning Diversity in the American society.

-by Jaymie White

About the Author: 

Meet our power guest blogger for this week- Mr. Jaymie White! Jaymie is the President of Diversity Reporting Solutions, a software as a service firm that focuses on supplier management, data tracking, customer reporting, and analytics.  He also manages Global Diversity News, a site geared towards covering all diversity news from around the globe.  Mr White is a graduate of Morehouse College, and releases a weekly article summary of the top news within the diversity space.  To sign up, you can contact him at [email protected]

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