The Growing Use of Facial Recognition Technology in the Event Industry

The use of different technologies in event industry has evolved continuously ever since the importance and role of organizing an event for any brand’s or product’s success were realized.

The success of any event not only depends on the number of registrations or leads generated or the ROI, but also on, how the whole event is experienced by an attendee, right from the beginning to end.

An event management company has to deal with many issues, from the inception of the event plan till the end, when the event’s data is generated. The most essential thing to be dealt by organizers are

  •    Reducing the attendee’s check-in times without compromising on the security concerns
  •    Generate a reliable data from the attendees about how they feel about the speakers, exhibitors or brand.

Dawn of A New Era in Event Management Technology

Facial Recognition Technology is the latest in the market, which is creating a lot of affirmative waves in the event industry. It has the power to drastically impact the event attending experience and is helping event organizers to analyze the event’s results in real time.

The big market leaders (Google and many more) from all across the globe, are also putting a lot of stakes on this new wave of technology.

What Is A Facial Recognition System?

The Facial Recognition Technology is a computer application which is capable of identifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. The facial features like size & depth of eye sockets, size or pattern of a nose, jaws, etc. are captured from a video or image and an intelligent software converts it into a unique data. The captured image is compared with selected facial features from the reference face database. This is similar to other biometric features like fingerprint scanning or eye iris recognition systems.

It is proven to be almost 99% correct and has given accurate results even in a crowd of more than 50,000 people.

It is in vogue from quite some time in social media platforms, like Facebook and Snapchat. What we use as Photo Tag in Facebook and Face Filters in Snapchats are basically Facial Recognition Technologies.

It is fast gaining popularity as a great marketing tool and for commercial identification purposes.

Facial Recognition Technology for the Event Industry

The dynamic event industry is adopting this amazing technology to

  •    Scan the registered visitors during check-ins
  •    Detect unauthorized visitors by use in security systems
  •    Analyze the emotions of attendees in real time to judge the interest of the audience.
  •    Enable post-event success advertising to targeted audiences
  •    Improve efficiency and convenience to conduct future events (as per the attendees needs).

How it Works?

For an event, any registrant can upload a picture of their choice while registering for an event. The organizer will create a Face database in its system. On the day of the event, a smartphone or tablet facing the entering crowd is placed and the Facial recognition program is run. The video captures the images of the attendees and identifies it with the stored database automatically. If the image match is found, the visitors are authorized to access the event.

End of Feedback Forms

The rapid advancement in the face recognition and the emotion-tracking software are going to put an end to the traditional event feedback forms.

The event organizers will be able to get the data from the cameras installed in the event to identifying the attendees as well as streamline his report back on how they are feeling about the running event based on the face-expressions or emotions captured by the cameras and producing the related data. This emotion detection, helping in understanding the visitor’s interests in an ongoing event through his facial expressions, attention time, mood, position of the head, etc.

This data will be more reliable in knowing the interest or preferences of a particular attendee as well as of the whole audience in real time.

This technology is now paving its entry into many diverse areas for various purposes.

Many high security zones and businesses and Event management companies are fast catching up with this new technology to track the attendance of the visitors in the event/conference or working hours of the workers or for maintaining the data of people in the health sector, criminal records, banking, etc.

Few Airports are testings its use for checking the boarding passengers.

Moscow city surveillance cameras are used to detect the criminals and thieves roaming the streets.

It is used by Australians and New Zealand Custom Services to examine the passport holders, whether they are the genuine ones or not.


There are plenty of tools available in the market, but Facial Recognition technology is going to embark a new point in event industry all around the world.

Its scope of use will be expanding from making an event even more productive to the audience and in ensuring higher security to the event attendees.

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