Event Sponsorships: Maximising ROI In The Digital Age

maximize event roi

Sponsorship is a billion dollar industry and having sponsors at your event can take you just about everywhere. To get a large piece of this billion-dollar industry, event planners have to think beyond putting a sponsor’s logo on their website or mobile event app. Today, sponsors are interested in opportunities that can help them make the most out of your event and increase their ROI. To create more valuable partnerships in this digital age, you first need to understand the attendees coming to your event and then create a strategic…

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Event Trends To Look Out For in 2018

event management trends 2018

Between technological advancements, politics, security, travel concerns, and countless other challenges, it has been a hard year for event professionals. It is a well known fact in this industry that event technology is constantly developing and evolving with unstoppable speed. To survive in this highly competitive market, it is of utmost importance for an event organizer to reach new audiences and constantly upgrade the attendee experience at their events. With the onset of 2018, it’s time for event planners to get up-to-date with the latest trends from around the globe.…

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Are Events a part of your Marketing Strategy?

  Many organizations these days host meetings and events as a part of their Marketing strategy. According to Regalix Research 92% of Marketers invest in Event Marketing 84 % of marketers identify reaching many prospects in a short amount of time as the key benefit of Event Marketing 80 % marketers identify lead gen as the main objective of their event programs 79% marketers believe physical events yield better ROI 64 % marketers expect that Event Marketing budgets will increase in the next  12 months            …

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