Event Planning: What Works – What Doesn’t

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Events are considered to be a key communication mean for many companies. By hosting events, companies get a chance of building brand recognition, strengthening the community, gaining trust, generating revenue, establishing thought leadership, increasing their visibility, reaching a wider audience and so on.

However successful events do not happen easily. To be successful, every event needs to be strategic, interactive and informative for creating engagement among the attendees and reinforcing the key messages of the company.
With so many right and wrong approaches in the event planning process, it can become a real challenge for event planners to understand which practices should be used and which shouldn’t, in order to have a high-quality, outstanding and memorable event. To make your life easier and help maximize your efforts, we developed a strategic checklist of what should and shouldn’t be done when planning your next event.

What Works

● Defining a clear purpose for the event

Events without clear goals have almost no chance of achieving success. Whether it is a seminar, product launch, awards ceremony, concert, corporate party or just a Holiday party, the event must have a crystal clear purpose both for planners and attendees.

Is the purpose of your event to promote the company? Is it for attracting prospective customers? Is it aimed to create buzz around the brand? Is it aimed to educate people or is it just for fun? The best way to get clearly defined event objectives is using SMART goals.

Only when the core objective of the event is identified, you can organize an event that will rest in your audience’s memory for a long time.

● Double-checking everything

When planning an event, everything, whether it’s the venue, the decorations, the menu, the performers, cocktails, costumes or equipment, should be double, or better triple checked. It doesn’t matter if you have planned and discussed all of the details with vendors, they have many other things to do and may forget some small, yet crucial details.

To make sure that everything will run smoothly, it’s important to check all of the details again and execute the PLAN B if needed. There are good reasons why people double check their work.

● Using event planning app

As an event planner you have to satisfy your attendees on every level. Using event planning apps such as Eventdex can help plan and track the countless activities that should be done as part of the event. Event apps should be used for two main reasons:

1. Easier communication: These apps give planners the chance to collaborate with all of the parties that are involved in the event planning process. This will save both time and money in terms of communication and minimize time loss.

2. Better management: These apps serve as a single platform for event planners to keep everything in one place. They can be used to make a schedule for the event, create a list of activities to be carried out, write down contact details of the vendors, sponsors, etc. As a result, it will be possible to find out any information regarding the event anytime and anywhere.

Here are 10 keys to better event management to take into account.
● Staying up to date with current trends

Being aware of current tricks and trends is the key to success when planning your event.
Besides using the Internet to get information about the latest trends, it’s also important to be involved in national organizations focused on event planning industry. The best ones that will keep you up to date are Meeting Professionals International and Professional Convention Management Association.

Another way to stay in the know is to get memberships in local organizations. These options will not only give you the chance of being constantly updated with new trends, but will also help build your social network.

What doesn’t work

● Trying to do it all yourself

Event planning checklist mainly includes scheduling, financial planning, registrations, promotions, etc. that require too much effort. It doesn’t matter how experienced and knowledgeable event planner you are or how small is the event that you’re planning, your event will definitely suffer if you want to tackle it alone.

It’s important to put together a team with program coordinators, venue coordinators, promotions coordinators, equipment coordinators and merchandising coordinators before starting the planning process. This way it will be easier to make sure that every single detail is covered, and missteps are avoided.

● Leaving promotions until the last minute

Leaving promotions to the last minute will definitely decrease the number of attendees because they might already have other plans. The majority of media outlets require several weeks or even months of prior notice before publishing news or advertisement about your event. Even with social media, it will take time for the information to spread to every corner of your potential audience.

To ensure that there will be enough people attending the event, it’s important to allocate at least 3-4 months to effectively promote and get the word out and about the event.

● Doing too much or too little social media

To be effective, you don’t need to be everywhere. It’s not reasonable to promote your event on all social media networks, because you will end up doing too much unnecessary work. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups can often be enough to spreading the word. Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to social media marketing.

Here is a great worksheet “Sample Social Media Plan for Events” by Marketo that will help you determine how much of social media is enough and sufficient.

Depending on the type of event, throughout the event planning process, there will be more tips to follow or mistakes to avoid. It’s impossible to be fully prepared for every single detail unless you have an absurdly large budget, and even then, it’s not efficient.

Apart from the points mentioned above, experience is your best friend when it comes to understanding what really works, and what’s just a waste of time!

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