Trade Shows And Conferences Are Outreaching! How Well Would We Say We Are Ready?

event management apps

Event Management Apps

With many trade shows, events and conferences in the calendar, we are quite sure how the market has begun to expand. There is obvious competition in the market but very less number of people are fully prepared to sail through it. People attend tradeshows to expand their businesses, to expand their network, to better understand the market. Somehow they knew that building people would help them build their business.

Attendee would normally visit tradeshows/events with having lots of expectations with Exhibitors. Relatively exhibitors would exhibit in a tradeshow with high expectations from Event Coordinators.  With so many expectations linked to one another, it becomes necessary for an event coordinator to serve Attendee and Exhibitor with the finest of service.

In the end, what matters most is how many contacts were they able to reach, How many contacts they have collected, what conversations they had with their prospects when they need to follow-up, How they need to follow-up? Do not think about Business Cards, they are outdated.

This is the tricky part. “A study shows that nearly 80% of all tradeshow leads are not followed-up because of incomplete information and poor lead management.

It doesn’t have to be so hard to approach all your prospects but rather, it requires a smart work that needs to be done on smartphones and on the cloud. Agree?

If yes, then you are thinking right and we have solutions ready for your upcoming events. We give you sovereignty right on your smartphones. Just think of us as one-stop solution for all your event management apps and services.

At Eventdex, we have an app called BoothLeads which simplifies attendee lead collection by replacing the ancient technique of retrieving leads at tradeshows and events. Boothleads helps exhibitors to eliminate the need to get expensive lead retrieval equipments on rent.  We help clients to increase the ROI of their event.  We help them with a mobile based lead retrieval application which runs on iOS and Android devices.

Boothleads is a real time Lead retrieval application. It allows you to organize and track your leads on the go. It has an ability to scan the QR Code printed on the attendee badges, It centralize potential customers in one place, right in the palm of your hands. It lets you write a comment about the leads, users can also prioritize the scanned leads pertaining to the conversation they had by rating the lead.

This App would not let the user forget when to follow-up with the prospects. It lets the user send an email instantly from mobile devices. With Boothleads one can have all the scanned leads on the go and can also get connect with the leads via social networking sites.

We have integrated our mobile applications with Salesforce and Eventbrite to give you a better outlook. Not just lead retrieval but we got acclaimed by many for our Robust Online and Onsite Registration System, Mobile Based One On One Business Matchmaking App and Attendee Check-in App.

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