Eventdex Starts the Year as Leading Event Management App on CompareCamp

Eventdex awarded by comparecamp

Eventdex welcomes 2020 with two awards from CompareCamp: the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. These awards prove that Eventdex is truly the go-to platform when it comes to organizing all kinds of events— may it be conferences, tradeshows, or seminars. CompareCamp is the leading source of credible SaaS reviews relied upon by readers when it comes to choosing business apps, tools, and software. Its group of experts evaluates the efficiency and overall value for money of business tools currently available in the market. Eventdex…

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All Your Queries About Latest Event Management App Features

Event Management App

Some questions people never stop asking, after every event, is how and what could have gone into making the event even better. The scope of improvement is always there whether it be during the planning phase, the development phase or the execution phase. New technologies are being developed for businesses every day where it has also become an important means of heightening the sought experience of any event. Businesses, too, are keen on investing in technologies that could be useful for events’ project management. This section addresses questions about readily…

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Top 10 Best Event Management Software in 2020 to Plan & Manage Your Events

Top 10 Best Event Management Software in 2020

If you are an event management professional, then you would know the importance of an event management software. We all know that an event management software can not only reduce your manual work and increase your efficiency but also help you prove event ROI to your stakeholders. The challenge today is not about debating over an event management software, but how to choose one for your event. There are a dime and dozen providers in the market claiming to be the best. But before you consider any one of them,…

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Is Event Management Software Important?

Event management software

In today’s technology-driven era, events take on grand scales and potential. The change in technology and media have also resulted in the evolution of the planning of an event – starting from registration, reach, to promotion. It is in this scenario where Event Management Software becomes a vital tool. Event organizers around the world use event management software to successfully organize multiple stages of their events which includes event registration and event check-in, to event promotion and reporting. There are hardly any major or minor events organized these days which…

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Event Management Software for Universities

event management software for Universities

Event Management Software for Universities   Universities are known to host all types of events – from workshops, orientations and graduations, regional alumni fundraisers to networking events, seminars as well as social and cultural activities. And the people behind it are no less than magicians balancing academics and the stressful job of planning events. The constant pressure to please stakeholders and meet or even exceed their expectations never goes away. That is why collaborative software like Eventdex can be the light at the end of the tunnel! It is a…

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