Does Your Event App Create A Ticket? Know How

create ticket

The most crucial phase in event organization is the part of buying/selling Tickets. Attenddes, Sponsors, Speakers buy tickets in advance mostly online, thereby not only generating the revenue but also giving the organizers a final head count. In today’s video session we will talk of a very easy Ticketing tool and how one can easily create and customize tickets, within a standard Event application, such as Eventdex

This tool explains how with the help of step by step actions you can create different types of Tickets and choose your favorite payment option. It is in fact, so convenient, you will love it’s simplicity.

As part of the Ticket creation functionality, you can not only add ticket name but also choose the ticket pay type as paid, free or donation. You also have the option to provide more information on the ticket for instance, give the start date, end date, minimum quantity order, order maximum quantity and price. And you can also make the ticket visible to public private or closed. Just a few clicks and you’re all set!

Please watch the video for the detailed demo and for further questions please write to [email protected]

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