How To Create A Compelling USP For Houseful Events

Whether you’re planning a big conference spread over a week or a small gala dinner at a fancy restaurant, yours is not the only event of its kind. With rising number of events happening every day, it is very easy for attendees to find new, interesting events. This has also made it extremely difficult for planners to garner attendees’ loyalty. So when a potential registrant lands on your event registration page, what exactly do you need to do? How will
you ensure that your event cuts through the clutter and stands tall? The answer is direct: you’ll need to tell your potential registrants why your event is perfect for them and why it is one of its kind. And of course, do it before time runs out. You need to emphasize on your unique selling point that sets your event apart from all the rest. Let’s see what makes a great unique selling proposition and how can you master the art of writing one!

Characteristics of a great Unique Selling Proposition

Your USP has to be truly unique and should state clearly how your event is different from the rest. It should target the unique problems and desire of your attendees.

Your USP has to be very specific — clearly explain that one thing that makes your event stand apart. Explain what pain point your event will address and what the attendees will gain from it.

Make sure your USP is short and ideally comprises one catchy sentence.

How to create the perfect Unique Selling Proposition

Create the perfect USP by knowing what to say and how you want to say it. To know what you want to say, understand the needs of your potential registrants. Use surveys or do market research to create the most appropriate buyer persona. The starting points to conduct a survey or market research can center on these points:

The hobbies of your customer
How they spend their time
The value they get from attending the events they usually attend
What are they seeking from an event like yours?

Once you’ve collected the data, look for both implicit and explicit answers and then create the perfect buyer persona. Also do thorough research on competing events to ensure you know how your event is totally unique. Once you’ve done this, write your USP in clear succinct language. The clearer you write, the stronger and authoritative your statement will become.

Good luck with your events!

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