Why You Need business Matchmaking at Your Next Event?

Why You Need business Matchmaking at Your Next Event

Event networking is a must in trade shows and business conferences. This method of setting up networks fosters growth and opens the doors in one’s business. Any event that is successful needs many participants who learn from each other and are able to buy and sell products and services. Most event companies want to ensure a high level of engagement in a limited period of time at an event. Most event organizers use business matchmaking services that play a very important role in bringing about business. There is a necessity…

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Increasing Engagement vs. Improving ROI: Which Side Are You On?

Events are a powerful marketing tool and the driver of leads for sales. It enables organizations to connect with their audience and clients as well as provides opportunities for your attendees to grow their network. However, not every event is a winner. And that is because not all leads are equal as each attendee at your event will have their own unique journey to the final sale. Add to it, you also owe it to your stakeholders to evaluate the return on investment at each and every step of your…

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Event Sponsorships: Maximising ROI In The Digital Age

maximize event roi

Sponsorship is a billion dollar industry and having sponsors at your event can take you just about everywhere. To get a large piece of this billion-dollar industry, event planners have to think beyond putting a sponsor’s logo on their website or mobile event app. Today, sponsors are interested in opportunities that can help them make the most out of your event and increase their ROI. To create more valuable partnerships in this digital age, you first need to understand the attendees coming to your event and then create a strategic…

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How Business Matchmaking is Transforming the Events Industry

business matchmaking

Despite the rapid evolution of technology in the meetings and events industry, face to face meetings still constitutes a major portion of the marketing budget of most of the organizations. According to Laura Ramos at Forrester, in “A pattern that has been consistent since 2008”, in-person events comprises 14% of the total budget in 2015, making it the biggest chunk of B2B budgets. The study by Forrester clearly shows that face to face events delivers business values for the organization, the attendees, as well as sponsors and exhibitors. But the…

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Business Matchmaking App – An Overview

Business Matchmaking App One of the key metrics used to measure the success of an event is to discover the number of possible opportunities. One major part of the event that people look out for is the one-one meetings during an event also known as a business matchmaking process. A good business matchmaking app should allow potential buyers and sellers to schedule meetings. For example, through this app, prime contractors can connect with small businesses easily with one click or touch on the mobile screen. The net outcome: to generate…

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