Seeing is Believing Part 3: Hassle-Free Attendee Management

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This part of the series is all about making attendee management stress free. Managing attendees onsite and checking them into the event doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. While planners may be using technology to attract potential attendees, collect their information and follow up with them, they often tend to overlook the importance of onsite solutions. During the event, you require a variety of processes or technology for a smooth attendee management from beginning to the end. To avoid getting lost in the whirlpool of these processes, you need to have a well-organized and executed attendee management system.

Eventdex’s ScanAttendee is one of the best solutions to eliminate long queues during check in.Out solution makes the onsite experience seamless and hassle-free. ScanAttendee is a ticketing app that allows event planners to not only sell tickets in any currency, but enables them to scan tickets and badges and print them onsite. It can save tons of time with quicker check in and leaves an ever-lasting impression on your attendees. A smooth check in process is important, because let’s face it, it is the first thing your attendees will notice when they arrive at your events.It also sets up the momentum for the whole event experience. A technology solution that can replace a person checking people in can make you look like a tech-savvy planner, with disgruntled attendees a thing of the past. With Eventdex as your onsite attendee management partner, you can check in attendees quickly, offer a smart event experience to exhibitors,enhance engagement and maximize ROI.

Before we dive into the features of ScanAttendee, let’s examine a scenario. I am sure, most of you will be able to relate to it. You are waiting for your guests to arrive and you realize you’ve missed a couple of badges at your office! Worst still, you’ve misspelled some of the names. What do you do in such scenarios? We are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. We completely understand this, but do your attendees understand the same? How do you convince your attendees to still appreciate your event? Even if you’ve got spare, blank badges, it is not the same. And that’s not all! How do you track your attendees after the event? Do you manually follow up with them or fail to do it completely? If your event data is not stored in one centralized location, I can understand the nightmare you must have before and after the event.

ScanAttendee lets you take total control of your event’s onsite experience and as it is designed to scan both tickets and badges, besides printing them instantly. It offers better attendee management by facilitating quick and efficient scanning and gives your exhibitors a detailed analytics and information about sales reports. With this comprehensive data, you can easily improve the experience of your attendees and follow up with them long after the event is over.This fast-paced mobile check-in app allows organizers to add tickets and other things to be sold at events. ScanAttendees can cater to two main aspects of onsite check in – lead scanning and badge scanning.

Lead scanning

The high-end lead scanning app can provide you information like how many attendees visited your event or how much sales your exhibitors generated. The app reads barcodes auto generated through the registration process. It allows exhibitors to get detailed insights into booth traffic and record the attendance for later reference. Exhibitors can also retrieve important traffic data from the app and use it to offer a better experience to leads at future events. The app is also a way to get even more qualified leads with all the information of booth traffic and attendee preferences in one place.

Badge Scanning

ScanAttendee also streamlines the badge printing processes for event organizers and enables them to not only collect attendee information easily but also process event fees or other payments through integrations with various online payment processing options. This app will search your guest list based on name, company, confirmation number, etc. You can also use filters to see who has checked in and who has not. ScanAttendee is compatible with Bluetooth enabled printers. Event organizers can use this mobile check-in app to print name badges onsite and even collect payments like event fees through integrations with platforms like Stripe, PayPal,, TRUSTe, check & cash.

To see how ScanAttendee can help you with your future events, schedule a free demo today.Our experts will not only show you the capabilities of the app, but will also assist you with your other event planning needs.

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