How to Enhance Your Attendees’ Experience at An Event

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In today’s business environment, meetings, conferences, and events are essential in establishing an in-person touch point to different business as well as growing one’s professional network. The dynamic event management industry is constantly evolving and embracing innovative ideas and super technologies to tackle various event operation challenges. Here we are presenting some of the current global trends in the event industry, that event managers are using to enhance their attendees’ experience. 1) Focusing on a Niche Audience The sheer volume of the audience at your trade show or conference is…

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Seeing is Believing Part 3: Hassle-Free Attendee Management

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This part of the series is all about making attendee management stress free. Managing attendees onsite and checking them into the event doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. While planners may be using technology to attract potential attendees, collect their information and follow up with them, they often tend to overlook the importance of onsite solutions. During the event, you require a variety of processes or technology for a smooth attendee management from beginning to the end. To avoid getting lost in the whirlpool of these processes, you need…

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Seeing Is Believing Part 1: Enhance Attendee Experience With Eventdex


Seeing is believing is our blog series that will talk about how Eventdex has created solutions to ease the planning needs of event organizers. The first part of this series is on the company itself. Let’s talk more about Eventdex to see how it can simplify event planning and put more time back in your day! I’m sure if you are related to the events industry in some form or the other, then you’d know it is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. With pressures to meet…

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3 Simple Ways To Measure Attendee Engagement

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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” an old adage that I firmly believe in. And this holds very true in case of attendee engagement. Being an event planner, I have always been baffled with the idea of measuring attendee engagement. Personally, it is my number one goal since an event without engagement and buzz certainly doesn’t have a future. Attendee engagement matters because it is the barometer to measure the success of your event. Attention span is shrinking with each passing day, making it harder for planners to grab…

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