Seeing Is Believing Part 1: Enhance Attendee Experience With Eventdex


Seeing is believing is our blog series that will talk about how Eventdex has created solutions to ease the planning needs of event organizers. The first part of this series is on the company itself. Let’s talk more about Eventdex to see how it can simplify event planning and put more time back in your day!

I’m sure if you are related to the events industry in some form or the other, then you’d know it is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. With pressures to meet deadlines, juggle a thousand tasks and word under a lot of pressure, event planning is not for everyone. But this is only half of the battle. Enhancing attendee experience, increasing attendance and proving the ROI are the key ingredients of a successful event.

The evolution of event technology in recent years has helped alleviate some of the stress experienced by event planners. It has helped them automate and streamline processes and save tons of man-hours and cost. Not only that, it has also helped them deliver an improved attendee experience. However, this is not the end of the road. There is a long way to go before clunky, outdate software can make way for more sophisticated, easy-on- pocket solutions. Today, event managing solutions are expensive and can eat a large part of the event budget without engaging attendees or increasing attendance. At Eventdex, we work tirelessly to deliver event management technologies that makes your job simpler and easier, while delivering a seamless, out-of- the world attendee experience that can be optimised for any device. Eventdex is your one-stop shop for all event management needs. Our mobile apps for events make planning and organizing simple and stress-free events, and take the attendee experience to another level. With Eventdex you can,

  • Provide agenda and seminar info
  • Provide speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors Info
  • Update profile and customize your own schedule
  • Connect with fellow attendees and a lot more


We are the only ‘app first’ innovative cloud based platform that offers a suite of mobile apps for events. We cater to different aspects of the event life-cycle and enhance the value of your events. And that’s not all! Our integrations and API platform creates an end-to- end event technology solution that saves you time, while allowing you to deliver a best-in- class attendee experience that uses the latest event technology. With our event management app, you can streamline both online and onsite registration processes. It enables event organizers to easily collect event fees through secured credit card processing functionality. With our platform, you can instantly process and print badges, collect attendance data and other analytical information. With a solution that caters to the needs of event managers, exhibition organizers, trade show organizers and event directors, you can even keep track of potential leads and follow up on them whenever required. Event management platforms like Eventdex assist event organizers to increase attendance of the event, decrease the cost associated with it and increase staff productivity while realizing ROI.

Features of Eventdex

Best-in- class event apps, with all the event related information in the palm of your attendees Engage attendees with numerous networking opportunities Attendance tracking in real-time to manage, report, and monitor Matchmaking apps that links exhibitors and sponsors with the right audience An app to create touch screen kiosks for self-serve onsite check in

To know more about our solutions, schedule a free private demo or leave a comment in the section below. You really have to see it to believe it!!

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