Is Event Management Software Important?

Event management software

In today’s technology-driven era, events take on grand scales and potential. The change in technology and media have also resulted in the evolution of the planning of an event – starting from registration, reach, to promotion. It is in this scenario where Event Management Software becomes a vital tool. Event organizers around the world use event management software to successfully organize multiple stages of their events which includes event registration and event check-in, to event promotion and reporting. There are hardly any major or minor events organized these days which…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Event Management Software

Event Management Software

The meeting and event industry is no stranger to technology. As technology continues to evolve, it has eased the life of event planners by transforming the way events are planned. Several event technologies vouch to solve event planning problems and get things done faster and simpler. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of this technology, readers of this blog will admit that manually performing a multitude of tasks can make event planning tedious and stressful. If you are looking for answers to your event planning woes then you have…

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Eventdex Event Management Software for Non-Profit Organizations

event management software for non-profits

While fundraising targets increase each year, and resources dwindle, more and more non-profit organizations and charities are turning towards event technology to manage their events. Event technology such as Eventdex is ideal for non-profits since it automates time-consuming processes associated with event planning and makes you more efficient. Eventdex event management software for non-profits is a highly customizable solution that allows you to achieve your development goals, retain donors and be successful in your fundraising efforts. Eventdex event management software for non-profit allows you to: Automate manual processes One of…

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Eventdex Event Management Software for Small Businesses

event management software for small business

The myth that event technology is only for a large corporation has been debunked a long while back. Today, small businesses and non-profits are embracing different types of technologies to streamline all the tasks associated with planning events. In today’s world if you are not using event technology to plan an event, then you must be overburdened with tedious manual processes. Drafting attendee lists contact by contact using excel sheet, sending manual invites, collecting registration fee, offline event promotion, all this can be cumbersome and extremely stressful and anything but…

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Top 3 Benefits of a Modern Event Registration Software

event registration software

Event registration software is a powerful weapon that professional planners have got today. It can help planners facilitate business innovation while creating a wow factor for their attendees. However, like events, there is no one size fits all in event registration software and you need to be careful while investing in this technology. With the right technology, you’ll be able to create better events while being more efficient and productive. It reduces the manual tasks often associated with event planning and makes you look more professional in front of your audience.…

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