Mobile first platform for your Events

We offer a wide range of event management software including Registration, Scanattendee, Boothleads, Matchleads and Findmyleads. Built on a robust and secure technology infrastructure, we are among the very few platforms offering an integrated suite of Event apps.

Whether you are a tradeshow organizer or an event director, our centralized event apps can be ideal for organizing and executing a smart event. Being an NMSDC Certified Minority Business Enterprise, Eventdex understands the Diversity universe and offers complete help in planning and executing diversity events. To know more about diversity event management software, visit our Diversity page
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Our Vision

We aim to become the most popular event planning and event sessions management platform. Our objective is to offer customized solutions that exceed all your expectations.

Our Mission

  • To bring people together at Events
  • To save attendes’ time by providing them with a high-end event app
  • To generate a happy event experience
  • To enhance marketing opportunities for event organizers
  • To offer affordable event management software for non-profit and diversity organizations
  • To work with complete passion and efficiency.


Eventdex is the only ‘app-first’ cloud-based platform to automate the entire event management software lifecycle, offering you instant access to all your saved data. With us as your event app partner, you can promote your events as well as make smart and informed decisions.

Maintaining spreadsheets, whiteboards and other software tools for an event is tedious and confusing

Event organizers can benefit from a customized event management software platform which smoothly combines software skills and industry knowledge.

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Our suite of solutions can assist you in

Speaker and Exhibitor Information

Our powerful event app technology enables attendees to easily access speaker information at the event. Additionally, promote your own business or provide value to the exhibitors at your event by stating elaborate exhibitor information within the app.

Event Ticketing

Easily create paid, free and donation tickets.
Our event ticketing software integrates tickets to your website and allows you to receive payments directly to your account.

Event Planning

You can plan one-on-one meetings, reject, manage as well as reschedule appointments with our robust business matchmaking and event schedule app. It helps buyers and sellers to make the most of business opportunities.

Event Networking

We use the latest technological innovations in our business networking app.
Whether it is integrating with social media, or giving you the ability to add the leads you have retrieved to your mobile device’s address book, our high-end networking technology enables attendees to derive greater value from your events

With a clean interface, we make sure that the user experience is easy, resulting in the growth of the event community.

Eventdex Milestones



Redefine Events With Our Awesome Products

We design & develop quality products to help small & medium level business.


Find My Leads

A business networking app that helps you identify, locate and track potential leads in the crowd of attendees at an event.

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A unique lead retrieval and QR code scanning app for exhibitors at trade shows, conferences, consumer shows and other events.

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A simple and user-friendly platform that creates events in minutes and includes features to collect data and speed payments.

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An event check-in app for the mobile devices. From validating the tickets to analyzing ttendance data afterward, ScanAttendee is invaluable.

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A business matchmaking app that helps buyers and sellers schedule one-to-one meetings to the cement potential business opportunities.

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